All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! MULTICULTAURAL 99 KITS MINI SKATEBOARD GROUP PACK Personalize the deck and wheels of this radical board and then take it for a spin! Measures: 4”. WD72 12 Pack $17.98 3+ $15.28 TRIANGLE STAR SPINNING TOY Paint and assemble this innovative star spinning toy. Stack the wooden triangles to form a star. No paint included. Measures: 3" x 3". WD1230 12 Pack $13.78 3+ $11.98 WOODEN PEG GAME Design your own wooden peg game. A classical game of fun and excitement that can keep kids enter- tained for hours. WK12 12 Pack $16.98 3+ $15.98 99 LED NIGHTLIGHT Make your bedroom feel safe and cozy at night with your very own nightlight. Three styles for you to choose from. Includes: LED light, wooden die cut pieces and paint. Measures: 3” x 2”. LED-14 12 Pack List Price: $42.98  PIANO  WINDMILL  BANK HOUSE Sale Price: $29.98 3+ $27.98 OUT OF WOODS KITS UNASSAMBLED WOODEN STAR PINWHEELS Great for paint, glitter, markers. Measures: 3 ½” each on a 6” wooden stick. WD621 12 Pack $14.98 3+ $13.98