All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! 1.800.216.1601 • 100 KITS PUZZLE CLOCKS An ice cream cone, a clown, a heart! Play around with the puzzle pieces to create any design you choose. The puzzle pieces slide in and out helping you form your own unique creation. WP95 $6.48 12+ $5.78 INTERLOCKING SHADOW BOX The shadow box is comprised of nine interlocking wooden pieces. It may be necessary to use glue for extra reinforcement. You can paint the box, use decoupage paper or decorate with miniatures. Measures: 8” x 8”. CW1100 12 Pack $28.98 3+ $26.98 A. SEA204 Clock $5.48 12+ $5.28 B. SEA206 Picture Frame $4.28 12+ $3.98 A. SEA301 Kids Room Miniature $2.48 12+ $1.98 B. SEA303 Sports Miniature $2.48 12+ $1.98 C. SEA302 Kitchen Miniature $2.48 12+ $1.98 D. SEA304 Garden Miniature $2.48 12+ $1.98 UNFINISHED WOODEN ALARM CLOCKS Assemble these four solid wood pieces and decorate with decoupage paper, or by painting it with your favorite colors. Measures approximately 12 1/2”. WP79 $6.48 6+ $5.48 CONSTRUCT-A-CLOCK MEGA PACK This starter package is an excellent way to introduce your group to the art of clock making. The wooden clocks lend themselves to simple decorating such as painting and staining or woodburning and decoupage. Includes: 12 clock boards and 12 clock movements. WP3900 12 Pack $38.78 3+ $36.98 HANGING WRISTWATCH CLOCK Time is definitely on your side! Our stylish clock will make a great addition to any room. High quality wood. No sanding required. Decorate with paint, markers, wood stain or almost anything else. Size: 4” x 15” WP94 $6.98 12+ $3.98 SHADOW BOXES / MINIATURES Decorate these handy shadow boxes. Fine quality wood needs no sanding. They can be decorated with paint, and/or adorned with miniatures. Choose from a picture frame (6.7” x 10” x 1”) or clock (12” x 6” x 1”). Clock Movement Z900 $3.48 12+ $2.98 OUT OF WOODS KITS