All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! MULTICULTAURAL 105 KITS SKY STREAK MOTORPLANE Rubberband powered motorplane. A one piece wing with built-in dihedral; a propeller and nose bearing made of hi-impact plastic, with a 12” wing span. W379 $3.78 6+ $2.98 BALSA WOOD GLIDER Miniature planes that loop, soar, circle, and glide. Blank, ready to decorate, assemble and fly. Each measures 6” x 8”. W375 Pack of 12 $15.98 3+ $13.98 W377 Pack of 36 $31.98 W376 Pack of 72 $59.68 BI PLANE Ready to take-off! A solid pine project pre-cut, ready to assemble and paint. Movable propeller and wheels with a 10” wing span. No tools required. WP37 $3.78 6+ $3.48 WP3700 12 Pack $36.98 FIRE TRUCK W/LADDER Sound the alarm! Our new fire truck is equipped with a 6” ladder to fight any fire. WP16 $4.48 6+ $3.48 WP1600 12 Pack $37.98 RACING CAR An exciting 6” long car perfect for racing, complete with movable wheels. WP1300 12 Pack $34.98 PICK-UP TRUCK Solid wood project ready to glue and paint. WP1500 12 Pack $34.98 TRAIN BANK An old-fashioned locomotive and bank in one. Measures 8” long. WP2300 12 Pack $37.98 TRUCK BANK A cute combination of toy and bank, complete with movable wheels. Measures: 5” x 3” x 2 3/4”. WP08 $4.48 6+ $3.48 WP0800 12 Pack $37.98 83 ELASTIC ROCKET CAR Blast off! Assemble, paint and propel your creation with an elastic band attached to the launch pad. WD921 $3.48 6+ $2.98 OUT OF WOODS KITS