CRAYOLA® PORTFOLIO SERIES ACRYLICS Portfolio Series Acrylics are ideal for the student artist for acrylic painting and applications as varied as airbrushing, printmaking, and marbling, without chemical additives. These vivid colors are rich in pigment, and they have a thick, tube-like viscosity. Can be diluted 8 to 1 for watercolor techniques without losing intensity. Portfolio Series Acrylics adhere permanently to paper, wood, fabric, and clay. They dry to a flexible water- resistant finish. Clean up is easy - just rinse with soap and water. Plastic recyclable bottles with flip-top lids. 1.800.216.1601 • 118 SUPPLIES  GREEN  DEEP RED  BURNT SIENNA  BRILLIANT BLUE  MAGENTA  LIGHT GREEN  LIGHT RED  BURNT UMBER PA07 32 oz. Bottles $7.98 6+ $6.98 LIQUID METALS® METALLIC ACRYLIC PAINTS Add fun and excitement to all your creative projects! Great for signs, murals, sculptures, and large or small scale projects. PA13 Set of 6 $34.98 SARGENT METALLIC ACRYLIC PAINT Brilliant metallic paint for a permanent finish on wood, plaster, fabric and more. 8 oz. bottle. Please specify color.  GOLD  SILVER  COPPER  BRONZE PA105 $5.98 6+ $4.98 PA1055 Set of 4 $25.98 Sale Price $22.48 KWIK STIX CLASSPACK We’re revolutionizing your painting experience! With our new paint-in-a-stick formula, we’re eliminating messes and drying time. • 100% washable tempera paint • Goes on any surface – wood, paper, fabric… • Dries in just 90 seconds • Non-toxic PT540 96 Pack - Broad $98.98 Sale Price $74.98 PT560 96 Pack - Fineline $98.98 Sale Price $74.98 ACRYLIC PAINT SUPPLIES