MULTICULTAURAL 119 SUPPLIES WATERCOLOR DESIGN PAPER Each of the 4 designs (6 of each) is printed on special color diffusing paper. Color in the white areas with water-based marker and spray lightly with water to create splashes of intense color. Measures: 7½"x 7 ½". P925 24 Sheets $14.48 WATERCOLOR PAINT PACK Includes 24 8-color watercolor trays and 24 brushes. WCP-24 24 Pack $20.78 3+ $18.98 WATERCOLOR PAPER Beautifully textured paper perfect for water- color painting. 90 lb. P641 100 Pack 11” X 15” $35.98 Sale Price $32.98 SARGENT WATERCOLOR SETS Semi-moist non-toxic watercolors with great color intensity. Brush included. PW08 Set of 8 $1.78 6+ $1.38 PW16 Set of 16 $2.97 6+ $2.48 CRAYOLA® SEMI-MOIST WATERCOLORS Brilliant, transparent colors that have been reformulated for improved handling and excellent performance. Semi-moist pans are enclosed with a watercolor brush. Non-toxic. PW30 8 Pan set $5.28 6+ $4.98 CRAYOLA® WASHABLE WATERCOLORS Crayola Washable Watercolors offer the best and brightest watercolor painting experience, without the mess! PW40 8 Pan Set $3.48 6+ $2.98 PW41 16 Pan Set $5.28 6+ $4.98 COFFEE FILTERS Coffee filters can be used with watercolor paints to make a beautiful design. P300 250 Pack $12.48 WATERCOLOR MAGIC Explore a world of brilliant color with watercolor in a liquid form. Economical, versatile, and ready to use. Color your own clay, wood, and much more! PW05 6 - 4 oz. bottles. $34.98 Sale Price $30.98 WATERCOLOR PAINT SUPPLIES