MULTICULTAURAL 135 SUPPLIES MEGA PAPER CLASSPACK Includes: 32 sheets printed postcard rainbow backdrops, 32 sheets colored cardstock – double sided, bright colors, 16 sheets Dinosaur Paper, 16 sheets Animal Paper, 16 sheets Fish Paper, 32 sheets Primary Patterns, 32 sheets Super Slick Paper in solid, bright colors. P997 176 Sheets List Price $33.98 Sale Price $29.48 16” PAPER KID CUT OUT Teach children about their body parts as they draw them on this paper person. K442 25 Pack $7.48 PAPER MESH A fabulous base for dozens of crafts, this woven, textured paper is perfect for painting, sewing and stitching. Use marker, crayon or pencil crayon to create beautiful, textured art. Create cross-stitch art by drafting a design in pencil and filling it in with thread or yarn. 7 x 10” P781 24 Sheets List Price $12.98 Sale Price $9.98 SENSORY PAPER Stimulate children’s sense of touch with our unique paper! Feel the bumps and ridges of this specially embossed paper while finger- painting, coloring, scribbling and tracing patterns over the tactile surface of 6 patterns Includes 36 sheets, 12 x 12” and guide. Age 2+ P782 36 Sheets List Price $23.98 Sale Price $19.98 FRACTION MANDALA STENCILS Combine mathematics and multicultural studies with this wonderful art projects! Trace and reposition the stencils to create complex and compelling symmetrical art. Includes: 11 stencils and teacher guide. Age 5+ P783 11 Pack List Price $16.98 Sale Price $14.98 FLOWER WHEEL KIT Put together and decorate a jumbo flower in six primary and secondary colors. Heighten the sensory experience by using the collage materials. Simply peel off the white paper from the petals to reveal the sticky surface underneath! Stick matching materials to the petals. Enough materials to make 2 large displays, 12 die cut petals, 11¾ x 8¾”. P784 12 Projects List Price $37.98 Sale Price $34.98 SPECIALTY PAPER SUPPLIES