1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 136 SUPPLIES QUILT MOSAICS Create beautiful mosaic art with quilt mosaics in coordinat- ing patterns and colors! These 1000 easy-to-glue pieces work great for your favorite collage projects. P974 1,000 pieces $10.98 EARTH TONE MOSAICS Make scenes from nature with mosaics in an assortment of greens, blues, browns and yellows! 10,000 double-sided mosaics. 3/8”. K537 10,000 Pieces $11.98 3+ $11.48 MULTICULTURAL FACE PAD “People” colored faces for creating funny characters. Add craft trim for hair, hats, and more. 5” x 8” pad. P905 50 Sheets $6.98 3+ $6.28 TRAIN FRAMES Blank frames are fun to decorate! Our train-shaped frames add a sense of travel and adventure to photographs. Use paint, markers, colored pencils or crayons to decorate your frames. Measures: 6 X 12.5” and guide. P738 24 Pack List Price $15.98 Sale Price $14.98 ORIGAMI PAPER Ancient Japanese art of paper folding. 55 sheets. Assorted sizes and colors. P961 $8.98 AMAZING ANIMAL PAPER 8½”x11”. P958 40 Sheets $8.98 ANTIQUE PAPER 8½” x 11”. P982 32 Sheets $9.98 SPECIALTY PAPER SUPPLIES GIZMO PAPER Bright, easy-to-cut images of tech- nological bits and bobs! Paste onto boxes and other recycled materials to create imaginative robots and vehicles. (Boxes not included). P989 32 Sheets $11.98 INSECT SCULPTURES Use water to sculpt life-like insects! Wet both sides of the chip- board design. The water will soak through the material allowing it to bend without tearing. Curve, crease and form wings, legs and antennae. Prop the sculpture in between small objects to hold the sculpture’s shape as it dries. Color the insects with paint and dis- play the finished pieces in a life-like nature exhibit. P994 24 Bugs List Price $16.98 Sale Price $14.98