MULTICULTAURAL 165 SUPPLIES MODELING FOAM Modeling Foam is fun you can feel...Roll it, mold it and shape it. It’s a versatile modeling compound comprised of tiny foam balls and a colorful putty adhesive. SUPER DOUGH Super Dough is fine clay that air dries to a hard solid. No kiln or oven necessary! Easy to use with traditional modeling techniques. Super Dough is smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay and leaves a neat, smooth finish. All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! CRAYOLA® DOUGH Soft, smooth, and shapeable. Easy for small hands to create their own special ideas. Non-toxic. 3 lb. bucket. Please specify color.  RED  BLUE  GREEN  YELLOW  ORANGE  PURPLE CL75 List Price $13.28 $11.98 6+ $11.38 CL760 6 color assortment List Price $64.98 Sale Price $56.98 FMA1686 Modeling Foam Mega Pack 33 gr. ( 1.16 oz) 12 Pack $15.98 3+ $14.98 CL140 18 Pack 75ml $29.98 3+ $28.98 SARGENT ART® NON-HARDENING MODELING CLAY Available in bright colors, these smooth, non-harden- ing modeling clays are ideal for freehand modeling and sculpting. Blend colors to make new colors! 1lb, contains red, green, blue, and yellow. CL56 $2.98 3+ $2.78 CL560 12 Pack $29.98 CLAY 2.0 SUPPLIES