1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 186 TOYS & NOVELTIES Tumble Dye Tumble Dye is an easy-to-use, permanent, water-based dye, that is completely non-toxic and safe for use by children. Our pre-mixed dyes eliminate the need for rubber gloves, salts, and tubs of hot water, and can be washed off with soap and water. After the dyed article is completely dry, it simply needs to be heat set in a dryer for 20 minutes or ironed with a hot iron. Tumble dyes are environmentally safe. DYE PACKETS Each packet of dye includes soda ash fixer and urea to make 16 oz.of dye. Specify color.  FUCHSIA  TURQUOISE YELLOW TD01 $5.48 6+ $4.98 TUMBLE DYE CLASSPACK Here’s an easy way to introduce Tie-Dye to your group! Now you can experiment with color gradation and personalized fabric designs too! Our classpack includes a full color idea book for 15 fun projects, 3 quarts of pre-mixed dye (yellow, magenta, blue), 12 plastic spray bottles, and tie-dye bands. Enough to dye approximately 60 T-shirts. TD24 Tumble Dye Classpack $132.98 RAINBOW ROCK TIE-DYE MEGA GROUP KIT Everything a camp needs to dye 215 shirts. Includes: Rainbow Tie-dye book, 18 packages of dye and fixers, 36 squirt bottles, 24 pair of gloves, dust masks, rubberbands, and special instructions on doing tie-dye with groups. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. TD06 $189.98 TIE-DYE COLOR CORDS An exciting, easy way to do tie-dying and get great results every time. The dye is permanent for vibrant lasting color. Includes: Instructions and 30 3’ cords in assorted colors. TD10 30 Pack $14.98 6+ $13.98 ! For Full Cautionary Statement See Page 2 TIE DYE KIT BY JACQUARD Fun to use tie-dye kit. Everything you need except the shirts. Get profes- sional results. Includes pre-mea- sured dye (red, blue, yellow), dye fixer, mixing bottles, rubber gloves, rubber bands and instructions & patterns. TD21 Dyes 5 Adult Shirts $14.98 3+ $13.98 TD22 Dyes 15 Adult Shirts $23.98 3+ $22.98 DIY DYES TOYS & NOVELTIES