All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! 17 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MULTICULTAURAL GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS PEARL BEADS PEARL BEADS Is it clay? Is it foam? It’s neither! Pearl Beads is a new modeling compound that combines with pearl beads to add a new dimension to your crafts. How does it work? It’s super easy. Simply take a little bit of the modeling compound and mix in some pearl beads. Then shape and form it around plastic molds, styrofoam, wood, glass, metal or just make something out of itself. Turn it in into jelwery or magnets. Modeling compound won’t stick to your hands or other surfaces and it’s non-toxic. Once the modeling is in place it will begin to air-dry and harden. All components sold separately. PB101 10 Pack Assorted Colors 350 grams with Glue. List Price: $55.98 Sale Price: $36.98 3+ $35.98 PB102 Metal Rings 12 Pack List Price: $3.08 Sale Price: $2.48 3+ $1.98 PB104 Hair Barrettes 12 Pack List Price: $7.98 Sale Price: $5.98 3+ $4.48 PB106 Foam Necklace 12 Pack List Price: $13.78 Sale Price: $9.98 3+ $8.98