All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! MULTICULTAURAL 1.800.216.1601 • 18 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS T-PHOTO STAND Say cheese! You have the perfect picture, now you can design the perfect frame for it. Paint it, put in your picture, place it on your desk and admire your art. Includes: Frame, stand, protective plastic, paint and brush. Measures: 7 1/8” x 5 7/8”. TPS-12 12 Pack List Price: $29.98 Sale Price: $19.98 3+ $18.98 MULTI-DIRECTIONAL FIGURE By maneuvering this figurine you can make it sit, stand, bow, bend, and bend over backwards! Includes: Wooden figurine and paint. Measures: 3". DRF-12 12 Pack List Price: $15.98 Sale Price: $12.98 3+ $11.98 99 PULL BACK ANIMALS Zoom, zoom zoom...Kids won't believe their eyes as their self- painted animal becomes alive! Pull ‘n release the string and watch your pet zoom along the way. Mechanism is preassembled. Includes: Mechanised animals with paint. Measures: Approx. 4”.  TURTLE  CRAB  BUGS PBA-12 12 Pack List Price: $21.99 Sale Price: $17.98 3+ $16.98 FLY AWAY SAUCER Watch the top spin off the stick in record speed and launch into the air. Kids love this simple spin, twist, and fly game. Toy comes in white plastic and can be colored with permanent markers. Includes: Toy and markers FAS-24 24 Pack $20.98 Sale Price: $15.98 3+ $14.98 62 DESIGN-A-PADDLE BOAT Not only will your creation look great when finished but when you wind up the rubber band and put it in water, it’ll really take off! Includes: Wooden paddle boats and non-toxic acrylic paint. Measures 6” x 2”. PBG-12 12 Pack List Price: $33.79 Sale Price:$27.98 3+ $25.98 COOL KID CRAFTS GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS