1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 198 GAMES All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! GIANT UP 4 IT Great fun for all ages! Strategy, skill and of course competition combine to make this giant version of smaller well known Connect 4 game. Includes: Blue and Green stand, 21 red counters and 21 Yellow Counters. Measures: 45” H x 57” W x 17” Deep. (Drop ship Item) GA-334 List Price: $399.98 Sale Price: $299.98 GIANT CANNONBALL DROP GAME Don’t let the balls drop! Players take turns removing sticks from the tower while trying to minimize the number of balls that drop. The player who drops the fewest wins, but everyone will experience the fun Includes a 4’H plastic tower, 24 plastic sticks and 30 cannonballs. For 2 or more players, ages 3 and up. (Drop Ship Item) GA-330 List Price: $178.98 Sale Price: $145.98 SACK RACE GAME Sack racing has been a popular sporting activity for hundreds of years and remains a fun and exciting activity today. Each of the 5 brightly coloured sacks have been given names to add to the rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog. Each sack is 40 inches high and 23 1/2 inches wide, for both adults and children. GA-332 Set of 5 List Price: $94.98 Sale Price: $69.98 ROARING RAPIDS CHALLENGE A fun-filled team cooperative activity. You’re walking across rocks above raging, roaring rapids. One false move and you’ll fall in. Your objective is to get to the other side. However, you’re linked to your partners (so they can rescue you in case you fall in) and you can only step on your team’s colored rocks. Plus, four teams cross simultaneously from different sides, adding to the challenge. Set includes 72 flexible, plastic dome rocks (12 each in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange) and a comprehensive Activity Guide. GA-310 List Price: $178.98 Sale Price: $129.98 GIANT VINYL CHECKERS Giant checkers is a great game for the whole family. High quality pieces are queened with a central movement rod for ease of handling. Measures 10’ ft. (Drop Shipped - No Free Freight) GA-311 List Price: $348.98 Sale Price: $274.98 GROUP GAMES GAMES