1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 204 SPORTING GOODS RHINO SKIN SQUEEZE BALL SETS Super Squeeze Soccer Ball Set. Super safe for beginners, especially during drills and practice. Rhino skin molded coated foam is easier for young players to use than inflated balls. Durable to resist wear and tear and easy to clean. EB-801 SET OF 6 $124.98 RHINO MAX PLAYGROUND BALLS These easy grip playground balls with words and numbers in 6 eye-catching colors are great for hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive learning. The shell is super tough for maximum durability. 100% nylon wound. Set of 6: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple. EB-802 SET OF 6 $87.98 RHINO SKIN SOFT EEZE FOOTBALL SET Rhino Soft eeze Football Set. Soft easy to grip rhino skin tacky cover balls that are safe for beginners. Made of durable rhino skin with a rubber/butyl bladder. Good for indoor or outdoor play. EB-565 SET OF 6 $107.98 RHINO PLAYGROUND BALL SETS Our ultimate bladderless playground ball. Made by a special process of rotational molding. Through this process we are able to duplicate the feel, texture and weight of the best rubber PG balls on the market. Ball features include seamless design, no shape distortion or air leakage even if over inflated. Set of 6 colors. EB-803 SET OF 6 $53.98 RHINO SKIN BALL SET Set of 6: 1 each of Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Green & Yellow. EB-301 Special Set $171.98 EB-302 All Around Set $146.98 EB-303 Softi Set $94.98 EB-304 6” Dodge Ball Set $89.98 EB-305 Neon Rainbow Dodge Ball Set $104.98 RHINO MAX PLAYGROUND BALLS New PG ball made especially for “4-square” games. Easy grip surface with inner bladder construction. Set of 4 includes 1 each of Yellow/ Purple, Red/Green, Multi and Blue/Orange. EB-805 SET OF 4 $53.98 COLORED BALLS SPORTING GOODS