1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 206 SPORTING GOODS RHINO MEGABALL BAT SET Oversized 3.5” diameter barrel super strong 27” L plastic bat. Promotes easy contact and good grip. Set of 6 includes 1 each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple. SG-308 SET OF 6 $46.98 Molded vinyl. Set includes: One home plate, 3 bases and pitcher’s plate. SG-332 $13.98 Orange molded vinyl. Set includes: One home plate & 3 bases. PLASTIC BASEBALL Plastic baseball. Set of 6 SG-324 Assorted $6.98 PLASTIC SOFTBALLS Plastic softball. Set of 6. SG-318 Assorted $6.98 HOLLOW BAT SET The strongest hollow plastic bat on the market. Light in weight for all age groups. Bottle shape barrel for best surface contact. Molded handle for a tight grip. SG-302 $6.98 RHINO ULTRA FOAM 29” BAT & BALL SET Multiple play 29” L color-coated rhino foam bat & no bounce ball. Promotes competition and team play. Set includes 6 bats & 6 balls. 1 each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple. SG-305 SET OF 6 $118.98 DELUXE BATTING TEE Mounted on an official rubber home plate. Telescopic sleeve adjusts from 22” to 47” to accommodate batters of all sizes. SG-310 $29.98 INDOOR BASE SETS OUTDOOR BASE SETS SG-330 $12.48 MULTI-SPORT SCOREBOARD Multi-functional indoor scoreboard with horn/buzzer can be used for scoring basketball, wrestling and volleyball. Period bonus and possession indicator. 24”L x 16”H x 10”D. SG-360 $797.98 DUAL TIMER Dual jumbo 1” display • 24 Hour countdown/ count up timer with 1 second resolution• Dual memory Tabletop or wall mount design Clock. SG-362 $34.98 PLAY BALL SPORTING GOODS