1.800.216.1601 • econocrafts.com 208 SPORTING GOODS EXTREME SOCCER PORTABLE POP UP GOAL Newly designed portable pop up goal with poly/steel frame construction and gusseted, nylon corners. Elastic anchor tethers and Velcro® fasteners to hold in folded position. Polyester net, 8 mm mesh. 3 Nylon anchor pegs per goal. Polyester carrying bag included. SG-680 72”W x 42”H x 42”Base. $113.98 SG-451 48”W x 32”H x 42”Base. $82.98 SG-452 30”W x 18”H x 42”Base. $53.98 RUBBER COVER Rubber cover, nylon wound, 2-Ply butyl bladder. -SG-471 Size 3 $8.48 -SG-472 Size 4 $8.98 -SG-473 Size 5 $8.98 STOP WATCHES 1/100 Second precision with lap counter (first 30 minutes) • 12/24 hr format with calendar & time • Daily alarm • Hourly chime • Big digit display • Water & shock resistant structure • Set of 6 Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange & Green . SG-520 $42.98 INSTANT COLD COMPRESS Instant cold pack, simply squeeze to activate. Contacts for cold treatment pack. 4” x 9”. Case of 16. SG-514 $12.98 FIRST AID KIT First aid kit supplies in a durable case with a built in handle. Contains basic supplies for minor medical emergencies. Measure 9.75”x3”x6.5” Contains 1 instant cold pack, 10 adhesive strips-3.25”x3”, 1 large adhesive strip, 1 knuckle bandage, 1 fingertip bandage, 2 gauze pads- 3”x3”, 1 conforming bandage-2”x4.1 yds, 1 roll adhesive tape-.5”x5yds, 6 antiseptic towelettes, 1 insect sting relief, 2 triple antibiotic ointment-1/32oz, 2 pair latex gloves and 1 splinter forceps (tweezers). SG-522 $12.98 HI VISIBILITY FLUORESCENT PLASTIC CONE SET Set of 6 colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, & Orange. SG-508 $10.98 MEGAPHONES 1000 Yard range. Power from 12 to 25 watts. Adjustable volume control, powerful siren & wrist strap. Takes 8C batteries (not included). SG-511 $99.98 SPORTS EQUIPMENT SPORTING GOODS