All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! MULTICULTAURAL 1.800.216.1601 • 30 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MONSTER PALS Decorate your sand filled pals to resemble a monster! Scare the wits out of your friends! Includes: 12 Sand Filled Pals and Paint. MPL-12 12 Pack List Price: $31.98 Sale Price: $26.98 3+ $24.98 BIRDHOUSE DELIGHT Nurture your child’s creativity while being hospitable to nature. What better way to enjoy nature than to invite it to your yard? Adds a unique charm and “glow” to your garden. You may still choose to enjoy it in your own house as a decorative accessory. Includes: LED light, birdhouse and paint. Measures: 3” x 2”. LED-12 12 Pack List Price: $42.98 Sale Price: $29.98 3+ $27.98 BALLOON ROCKET Whoosh! This is one project that will really blow you away! Color, blow up, and let it take off! Includes: Markers, 6 Shark and 6 Dolphins body parts, and rocket. Measures: 24". BAR-12 12 Pack List Price: $26.98 Sale Price: $21.98 3+ $20.98 FANCY CRITTER PILLOW You will love snuggling up to this cozy, colorful, and fun pillow! Spend time coloring in the plush pillow with whatever colors you’d like! This will surely add a pop of color to any room! Includes: Plush pillow and markers. Measures: 8” Square. FUP-6 6 Pack List Price: $25.98 Sale Price: $19.98 3+ $18.98 NIFTY KNAPSACK You’ll love going to school wearing this nifty knapsack designed by you! What cooler way to hold your stuff then by a knapsack decorated just the way you like it? Includes: High quality knapsack, and markers. Measures: 8” x 11”. PES-6 6 Pack List Price: $33.48 Sale Price: $25.98 3+ $23.98 DESIGN AND DECORATE GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS