All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! 31 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MULTICULTAURAL FUN BUTTONS Put your message or photo on the pre-cut paper circle and ‘snap’ the button closed. Each 2 ½” button comes with a sturdy pin attached. Includes: Pre-cut paper, buttons and markers. FBG-36 36 Pack List Price: $39.48 Sale Price: $32.98 3+ $31.98 SPARKLE ART This brings arts and crafts to whole new level! Each rhinestone is hand placed to create the most magnificent piece of artwork everyone will love! When you are finished covering the entire adhesive picture with the sparkly stones, you will surely have a stunning keepsake with a big wow factor! Includes: Boards, beads, pencils and easles. Measures: 4” x 6” Board. BED-12 12 Pack List Price: $44.98 Sale Price: $32.98 3+ $30.98 PERISCOPES Easy to assemble & great fun. Includes: Chipboard periscope die-cuts plus safe plas- tic mirrors, markers and glue. Measures: 5" long. UP-18 18 Pack List Price: $37.98 Sale Price: $31.98 3+ $29.98 PAINT-IT SLAP ON BRACELETS Decorate them with acrylic paint and then slap ‘em on. Includes: Slap-on bracelets and non-toxic acrylic paint. PSO-24 24 Pack List Price: $21.98 Sale Price: $18.98 3+ $16.98 COLOR IN CALENDAR A preprinted year round calendar with beautiful monthly designs to color and enjoy. Includes: Calendars and Non-Toxic markers. Measures: 8"x10". DAC-12 12 Pack List Price: $29.98 Sale Price: $26.98 3+ $25.98 89 COLOR A PADDLE BALL Just draw your own design on these wooden paddleball games! Fun for any occasion, these classic toys makes a fun craft activity for all ages. Includes: Paddleballs and paint. CAP-24 24 Pack List Price: $38.98 Sale Price: $28.98 3+ $26.98 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS DESIGN AND DECORATE