All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! 49 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MULTICULTAURAL FUN FACE MASKS The opportunities for creative expression are endless with these white plastic face masks that you decorate with acrylic paint. Includes: 6” x 9” wearable plastic masks and non-toxic paint. FUM-24 24 Pack List Price: $36.98 Sale Price: $25.98 3+ $23.98 DESIGN-A-TIE Every child wants to wear a tie. With our very own Design A Tie, every child can wear their own custom made neckpiece or they can create one for their dad. Use the markers to make a special design and use it as a great Fa- ther’s Day gift. Includes: Pre-cut ties and markers. DAN-24 24 Pack List Price: $29.98 Sale Price: $21.98 3+ $20.98 87 LARGE FUZZY TOTE BAG Keep your children as “busy as bees” decorating these adorable carry on bags. Includes: Fuzzy bags and fabric markers. Measures 10" x 7¼". FTB-12 12 Pack List Price: $47.98 Sale Price:$31.48 3+ $30.28 ALOHA VISORS Taking a trip to Hawaii? Not really! But you will sure feel like it wearing your aloha visor! Decorate your own luau themed visor to add a bit of fun in the sun! Includes visor and markers ALV-24 24 Pack List Price: $26.98 Sale Price: $20.98 3+ $19.98 99 BIG FOOT Create your own designer original. A simple coloring project, complete with bright colored markers, sturdy sneaker die-cuts, instructions and laces. FT-24 24 Pack List Price: $38.98 Sale Price: $26.98 3+ $23.98 99 83 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS WEARABLE ART