All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! 65 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MULTICULTAURAL HEADBAND Flexible headband, pre-printed with Native American Indian geometric designs. Decorate with vivid colored markers, and add leather. One size fits all adjustable velcro closing. Easy to do project. HBA-24 24 Pack $23.98 3+$22.98 HANGING DREAM CATCHER GROUP PACK Create a traditional addition to any room and be inspired by these colorful and historical dream catchers. 8” diameter. Includes: Natural reeds, yarn, and assorted craft trim. HDC-12 12 Pack $21.98 3+ $19.98 96 MEXICAN TIN BOX Mexican tin pressing is an art form that still exists today. Create a special proj- ect using the enclosed design patterns and enjoy your own Mexican art box. Includes: metal foil, 3” paper mache box, design patterns and paint. MTB-40 40 Pack List Price: $99.98 Sale Price: $67.98 3+ $64.98 MARACAS Our version of an age-old Brazilian gourd in- strument. Pack includes bowls, acrylic paint, gravel, colorful ribbons and dowels. Make and shake! MAR-25 25 Pack List Price: $38.98 Sale Price: $26.98 3+ $24.98 99 BAP-24 List Price: $34.98 Sale Price: $24.48 3+ $22.98 BARK PAPER Native Americans and Mexicans in Latin America used to fashion paper from the bark of a tree and use it for painting and writing. Teach your group the history of this ancient form of art while reinforc- ing their art skills. Includes: Pre- printed bark paper designs, frames and markers. 24 Pack. FIESTA KEY HOOK Have a fiesta with this Mexican themed key hook! Measures: 12” x 4”. SOK-12 12 Pack List Price: $57.98 Sale Price: $43.98 3+ $39.98 ZUNI SHIELDS Little warriors will enjoy making and using these colorful shields. Use to play "pretend" or as a lively wall hanging. ZU-24 24 Pack List Price: $49.98 Sale Price: $34.98 3+ $33.98 GROUP CRAFT PROJECTS MULTICULTURAL