BARGAIN BUSTERS 7 All products on this page contain small parts. CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for children under 3 yrs. ! CLIMBING TOUCANS Toucan play this game! Your colorful toucan won’t fly, but it sure can climb. Includes: Pre-printed cardboard toucans, straws and pre-cut string. Paint and markers sold separately. Measures: 5” x 3” SW107 10 Pack $6.99 ADVENTURE RIVER RAFTS What fun these inflatable rafts are to decorate, pump-up and race. Includes: Blow-up rafts, twist motors and pump. Markers sold separately. Measures: 7” RP111 10 Pack $11.98 SAND ART LIFE RING FRAMES These Life Rings won’t help you stay afloat at sea, but it will hold you up on the wall. Includes: Peal and sticky frames, red and white sand and hanging tabs. Sand sold separately. Measures: 5” DIY WOODEN JOURNALS Start your own diary, document your adventures or take notes in your DIY Wooden Journal. Journal Includes: Wooden front and back covers, die-cut pieces, metal rings and paper. Paint/markers, glue and trim sold separately. Measures: 3.75” x 5” TG865 10 Pack $14.99 SW109 10 Pack $6.99 SAND ART PACK TS025 2 Pack $6.49  WATER SPORTS  SPORTS  OUT-TO-SEA  ANIMAL KINGDOM