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  1. Froggy Page Holder

    Froggy Page Holder

    Stop those pages from jumping around! Hold them together with our adorable frog bookmark. Measures: 4". Learn More
  2. Handy Noteholders

    Handy Noteholders


    Need a second pair of hands? Leave notes and reminders for yourself or others in these Handy Noteholders. Includes: Wooden pair of hands and clothespins. Paint/markers, glue and trim sold separately. Measures: 3.5” x 4” Learn More
  3. Your Campfire

    Your Campfire


    Gather your friends together and tell some scary stories and sing some songs around Your Campfire. Your Campfire won’t provide light or warmth, but it’ll be a “fiery” bonding experience. Includes: Acetate sheets, pre-cut fire frame, tissue paper and hanging tab. Glue sold separately. Measures: 6” x 6” Learn More
  4. Macaw Weaving Parrot

    Macaw Weaving Parrot


    Er, Hello, can you weave me? Sorry guys. This parrot won’t talk to you, but you can still give it some personality by weaving its feathers and coloring it. When done, this craft will be light as a feather. Includes: Cardboard birds and assorted colored, wiggly eyes weaving strips. Paint and markers sold separately. Measures: 8” Learn More
  5. Adventure River Rafts

    Adventure River Rafts


    What fun these inflatable rafts are to decorate, pump-up and race. Includes: Blow-up rafts, twist motors and pump. Markers sold separately. Measures: 7” Learn More
  6. Tentative Toucans

    Tentative Toucans


    Toucan play this game! Your colorful toucan won’t fly, but it sure can climb. The simple physics concept of friction is the force at work with this easy project. Includes: Pre-printed cardboard toucans, straws and pre-cut string. Paint and markers sold separately. Measures: 5” x 3”

    Learn More
  7. Sand Art Life Frames

    Sand Art Life Frames


    These Life Rings won’t help you stay afloat at sea, but it will hold you up on the wall. Includes: Peal and sticky frames, and hanging tabs. Sand (TS02) sold separately. Measures: 5”

    Learn More
  8. DIY Wooden Journals

    DIY Wooden Journals

    Starting at: $14.99

    Start your own diary, document your adventures or take notes in your DIY Wooden Journal. Journal Includes: Wooden front and back covers, die-cut pieces, metal rings and paper. Paint/markers, glue and trim sold separately. Measures: 3.75” x 5" Learn More
  9. Watercolor Picture Scenes

    Watercolor Picture Scenes

    Regular Price: $14.98

    Sale: $10.98

    As low as: $9.98

    These Watercolor Picture Scenes comes pre-printed in assorted styles. Use the watercolor paint attached to color-in your picture. You can mix the colors to create new colors. Then cut off the paint strip and hang your artwork for all to see. Measures: 8” x 9”. Learn More
  10.  Flameless Tea Light

    Flameless Tea Light


    Battery-operated candles are flameless and safe. Flameless tea lights have no drips, no mess. Silicone flame for an authentic appearance. Includes on/off switch. Uses 1-CR2032 battery (included per tea light) Learn More
  11. DIY Flutes

    DIY Flutes


    Get the band together and make some noise or perform a solo with these DIY Flutes. Includes: Pre-drilled cardboard tubes and plastic mouth pieces. Paint/markers and trim sold separately. Measures: 9.5” Learn More
  12. Stamp Maker

    Stamp Maker


    Kids will get a kick out of creating authentic looking prints and coded messages. Includes: Cardboard tube, foam stickers and ink pad. Paint/markers and trim sold separately. Measures: 4” Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 22 total

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